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    Just an observation, but you seem to be unnaturally concerned with skin color. I don't understand why it matters what shade or what undertone your skin is? It's kind of weird and makes me a little uncomfortable, because I can't tell what you're getting at or your motives behind asking questions like these.
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    There was a Nigerian (I think) family in the UK who had a very light-skinned baby last year. There's honestly no way to tell. Your children can look like you without being the same color as you. My mom is blonde, but I have brown hair. Our facial structure is almost identical! I got my dad's nose (unfortunately).

    Kids can be a mix of their parents' skin tones, darker than both, or lighter than both. I fell into that last category.

    Edit: I agree with Rowan. I was hoping it was just me, but apparently not! I'd never base my decision to have kids on what superficial features they might have...though I really want a ginger baby. But if I ended up marrying someone from Namibia (or wherever lol), I'd be perfectly happy with dark-skinned, dark-haired, dark-eyed kids.
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    Oh wow, when I first read it, I thought you were hoping your children might look like your father because you adore him or something. Now, I am a little nervous about your question. Why does it matter at all?
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    Um if you are referring to a post a made about whether my skin was too pale would you then be insinuating that i suffer from some kind of 'self hatred' because i am not olive toned??? (And i am just curious about what my children will be like.)
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    Genetics are a funny thing. You just never know. I really hope it is an innocent "what will my babies look like" question and not anything else, because I agree with rge... it's a weird question.
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