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    We have 8 biological children, so you would probably think I could tell you just what the baby I am carrying will look like.... not Hubby is Hispanic, I am not... we have one daughter that is darker than hubby with black hair and eyes.. one daughter very fair skin with black curly hair and black eyes, one baby girl with reddish, blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin... Our son, has now passed us in height, he has brown curly hair, olive skin and green eyes...seriously we never know! Matter of fact my sister likes to joke that, that is why we still have them, b/c we like the surprise of what we are going to get.. lol!!!
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    My mom has red hair, pale freckled skin, and green eyes. My dad has olive skin that tans very easily, dark brown/black hair, and blue eyes. My siblings and I all have brown hair and brown eyes. Our skin is sort of older sister is more pale, my younger sister is more tan, I'm right in the middle. My older sister and I got my dad's eyes, nose, and chin. My younger sister looks more like our mom. I got my mom's curly hair, my sisters did not.

    I'm not in a relationship now so I have no idea what my kids will look like. I sort of hope the only thing they inherit from me is the curly hair. I'm not a big fan of my other features, particularly my nose.
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    I had no idea what they would look like. When Hazel was born I wasn't surprised though - she looks just like her dad. Still does. People tell me that she looks like me but I just dont see it. I also think Arthur looks like his Dad, too but it's strange because Hazel & Arthur don't look much alike yet. I guess you never know?
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    There are some really bizarre genes in my family. Both my parents have brown hair and brown eyes and normal caucasian skin that's neither particularly pale nor particularly dark. My brothers have all the same coloring as our parents. My sister somehow wound up with black hair and olive skin and looks like she could be Hispanic or Persian or something--even though we have absolutely no non-European ancestry. I'm the opposite, with skin so pale that people often ask me if I'm feeling well and actual auburn hair, even though literally all of my relatives (except for my mom's cousins, who are blonde) are brunette with no red tones. Acquaintances often assume that one or both of us is adopted because we look so opposite from each other and unlike our parents. I half suspected it myself until my mom basically proved definitively with pictures that we're both her biological children.

    I'm not in a relationship, and I don't plan to have biological children, but if I ever change my mind...twins definitely run in my family. My brothers are twins and I have two sets of twin cousins plus twin great uncles.
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    Fun thread, I had a dream where we had a little boy with light brown hair and my partner's green eyes and a little girl with golden Lannister blonde hair like my partner and hazel eyes like mine, plus I was pregnant with a third. I woke up feeling so broody, & now this thread has made me feel that way all over again!

    I expect that our children will probably be blonde, which is strange for me as I have chestnut coloured hair & feel very much like a brunette, but both of our families have a lot of blondes and my hair didn't start darkening until I was 11. My partner's beard gets coppery in summer though, so there's a small chance of a ginger! We're both pale, but I have an olive skin tone from my French side (I'm only pale since I live in rainy London), so they will be pale too. Eye colour will be interesting, he has green eyes, I have hazel-green, but our families have a mix of blue and brown, so it could really be anything. The thing I'm most curious about, though, is body type. The other half is very tall and super skinny, whereas I'm very short and a pretty extreme hourglass shape. I kind of hope that any girls get his inability to gain weight and my big boobs, so they won't have to worry too much! Unsure on genders, there's a fairly even mix in his family, and I believe the man's genes are the decisive ones there. I'm hoping for a mix anyway, so I get to be mummy to a little girl and a little boy.

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