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    So far our kids have come in one variety: light brownish-blondish hair, and green eyes. So I am predicting that we will have another green-eyed, light brown haired child.

    We are currently debating whether or not it is possible for us to produce a redhead (my mom and brother are redheads with freckles; my dad and I are light-brunette, so I am likely to have the recessive; DH comes from two brown-haired people but has a redhead nephew).
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    TTC mid 2018? Or adopt?
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    Ottilie, interesting. Where did you hear that?
    Well, the first time I heard it was from a gypsy woman at a fete, my sister cried for several hours she was so scared. But I've come across it on several paths, folklore and spiritual ones.
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    I'm very anxiously awaiting to see what this baby looks like (and this is a fun idea for a thread!).

    I'm a mix of mainly Greek, Iroquois, French, Czech, English, and Irish. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes with skin that ranges from pretty pale to a dark olive complexion, depending on how much sun I get. I look very much like my mother and only brother, but her siblings weren't as dark as her. My father had blue eyes and light brown hair - I'm not too sure about the rest of his family.

    The baby's dad is hispanic, probably mainly Puerto Rican (he's adopted, so not sure of his exact background). Black hair, dark eyes, and pretty dark complexion (I'm not even sure what you'd call it?). So the likelihood is baby will have dark hair/eyes and a medium/dark olive complexion, but there's a chance he/she could end up looking differently. I don't think there's much of any chance of him/her having blue eyes or blonde hair (barring a mutation), though.

    Twins do run in my family, and I'm 5'9", so while this one (thankfully ) isn't twins, there's a pretty good chance I could have a multiples pregnancy, especially as I get older.
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    It's going to be a bit of a mystery for me and my husband. I have curly, thin, medium dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and very fair skin. Husband has very thick wavy dark brown hair and medium brown eyes with natural tan skin. However, my father and most of my paternal family were very fair towheads. About a third of each sid of my husband's family is blond and many have blue, green, or hazel eyes. Both his mother and brother were blond children (brown haired adults). His brother grows an incredible red beard! Height is also very variable in both of our families; it's not uncommon for same-sex siblings to have a three or four inch height difference. I kind of like the fact that it will be such a mystery!

    This isn't scientrific at all, but I always found it interesting that I have seven female cousins and one male cousin (the very youngest, at that) on my dad's side. So far, there are three boys the next generation down - there seems to be some sort of rotating sex predominance here! My step-father is a twin, but I'm pretty sure there will be no epigenetic effect there
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    The golden ring around your iris means you have the ability to talk to the dead... In case that's something you girls are interested in doing. My sister's got the ring as well.
    Ahaha. Awesome! My great granny had 'the gift' she used to read everyone's palms and tea leaves apparently I can do tarot cards but I've not seen a ghost yet despite having slept in a hotel that I knew was haunted.

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