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    As for boy/girls I am hoping that we have an even mix, but it doesn't really matter. I come from a family of mostly boys and my husband comes from a family of mostly girls.
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    Well, I'm only 13 and I don't have a boyfriend, but I love genetics so I just had to contribute.

    I have curly blonde hair that was red at birth, and then turned blonde as I got older. I love eye color, so I guess I'll explain mine a little deeper than others have lol. I have dark blue around the outside of my eyes, then the inside is the color of a stormy sea, and I have a golden/pale green circle around my iris.

    My dad has exactly the same eye color as I do, and he had blonde hair till about the age of 12 when it started turning brown, it is now mousy brown littered with greys He has really thick hair. My grandmother had platinum blonde hair that turned white at age 16 and has been white ever since. My grandfather has thin blonde hair, as does my uncle.

    My mother has thick red curly hair that has since dulled to a thick curly auburn. Her eyes are hazely green. My grandmother has blondish brown hair and pretty sapphire blue eyes. I have no idea what my real grandfather looks like, I met him when I was 2 and never seen him since, but I think he has dark brown hair. Eh, I like my stepgrandfather more anyways My uncle from my grandmother's second marriage has rich chocolate brown hair and hazel/brown eyes. My aunt from my grandmother's second marriage has straight blonde hair and brown eyes.

    Everyone on each side is very pale. I guess it's because half of them live in England (my mother was born and raised in Newcastle) but who knows. You would hope my dad's side out in Kentucky would get some kind of sun but it seems not

    I expect my children will all be fairly 'normal sized' (5'4-5'8 ish at my calculations) for my family, and I hope i'll have more boys than girls but who knows. It's pretty evenly distributed in my family, considering how small it is. My uncle on my dads side has no kids and is not married, but my grandmother miscarried another boy before she had him, so boys run on that side, and my mum's mother had one boy and two girls, so who knows.

    Depends on my future husband's genetics, but if I was just choosing from my genetics, I would say I'll either have children with blonde, brown, or red hair. There is no one in my family with black hair, and I think brown is probably a stretch, but then again depends on my husband. I also think they'll probably all have green or blue eyes, considering i have alleles for those two colors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    The golden ring around your iris means you have the ability to talk to the dead... In case that's something you girls are interested in doing. My sister's got the ring as well.
    Ottilie, interesting. Where did you hear that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    Ottilie, interesting. Where did you hear that?
    Isn't it related to Greek or Roman mythology somehow? I've also heard that a black circle means you can see and speak with the dead, according to an old Cajun lady I used to know. But it's all nonsense in my opinion.
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    I have fair skin, dark hair, and blue-green eyes. My dad is fair skinned with black hair and blue eyes, my mom has light brown hair with green eyes. My husband has fair skin with dark hair and dark eyes. His parents have the same, his father slightly more tan. Our kids will probably be pale with dark hair and brown eyes. My dad is the youngest of nine, but many on my mom have had a girl first, then a boy. I would like a girl and a boy to experience having both. There isn't a history of multiples on either side! I would be very surprised to have twins, but if I did, I would want twin girls. I would definitely be obnoxious about it, as well!

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