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    Omg me too!!! Is there a name for this?! I've never met anyone who had that. My husband stares at my gold ring when we're really close. He think it's so cool.
    My husband and I both have the ring too. He was told that it's from living with cats from a young age (bacteria or something?). I have absolutely no idea if that's true or if it's an old wives tale, but we both have lived with cats from a young age, so we thought it was possible.

    Anyway, my kids will probably be straight-haired and blonde when they're little and turn brunette around age three, as both my husband and I did. There is a possibility of redheadedness as my grandma was a redhead and I've got red undertones in my hair, and husband has red in his beard. They will probably have green eyes, but I hope it's more his seafoam-green than my forest-green. I'm hoping they get his eyes and teeth, but probably they'll need glasses and braces like me! Skin tone is up in the air--I'm quite fair (my mom calls it the family's "Irish skin") while he's more olive-toned. Height should be interesting, too. I'm 5'10" and he's 6'0", but my brother and dad are both 6'9", so I wonder if the height will carry over or not.

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    The golden ring around your iris means you have the ability to talk to the dead... In case that's something you girls are interested in doing. My sister's got the ring as well.
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    both DP and I have light brown hair, mine is very straight, his is wavy, but gets curlier the longer it gets. His eyes are bluey-brown, mine are green. I'm very pale, he's slightly more darker skin-toned.

    Our 3 children
    DS1 - has curly white blond hair like we both had as children, mine changed around 3, DP's lasted until he was about 10. He has dark gray eyes, that sometimes look greenish. Very, very pale skin.
    DS2 - wavy darker blond hair that lightens in the summer, blue gray eyes, with a touch of brown yellow in one. Much darker tones of white skin.
    DD - super curly dark blond hair (born with black hair), blue gray eyes, skin pale, but not as pale as older brother's.

    this baby - I expect it to have blond hair, probably not white blond, blue gray eyes (though I don't know where these have come from as no one in the family has them) and ruddier skin. Hope she has curly hair and would like it if she got my green eyes.
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    LOL Blondapalooza!
    Our family is pretty darn blonde as well...we have just a sprinkling of dark-haired family members, like my sister, but absolutely everyone has blue eyes.

    We'll see what happens...I have 23 first cousins (big Irish Catholic family), and only 4 of them are boys, whereas hubby is the youngest of 4 boys and the has almost all men for cousins. NO twins on either side, so that is a very remote possibility..

    I have straight strawberry blonde hair and blue-grey eyes, hubby has dark ringlets and brown eyes. We are both relatively fair-skinned, although I am covered in freckles.

    My sister's hubby has the same coloring as my husband (and both have one brown-eyed and one blue-eyed parent), and she has brown hair and bright blue eyes. She ended up with a Blonde-haired/blue-eyed daughter, a green-eyed/red-haired daughter and a dark haired/grey-eyed daughter. I think my odds are similar, although I expect my kids might get the freckles, since I have them and she doesn't nearly as much.

    I would love to have brown-haired/green-eyes kids - that's my favorite combo, but I will definitely love them no matter what they look like.
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    I am Caucasian with fair skin and have wavy light brown hair and hazel green eyes (my dad is blond and blue-eyed and my mother is dark hair and brown eyes). My husband is mixed-race (Afro-Caribbean and South-East Asian) with tight curly dark hair, medium-dark skin and dark brown eyes. I've done the morph thing, and here is what our baby *could* look like (this was fun!):

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