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    I have one boy and am expecting another, ideally I will also have a girl at some point.

    Leo has blue eyes and blond hair (with a reddish tinge when the sun glints off it at a certain angle), although it appears to be going a darker blond as my own did as a toddler. I started off blond and was a dark brunette by the time I was 4, although as an adult I seem to have a few strands of each colour! Some are Darker brown, others lighter, some definitely copper, the ones bleached by the sun can be quite blonde, and there are also a few pesky greys trying their luck (quickly plucked!). My eyes are dark blue.
    My partner was a platinum blond child, whose hair is now a dark blond, he also has blue eyes, although his are lighter than mine and Leo's.

    I think I'll assume that future children will also have blue eyes and be blonde, maybe going darker as they grow up. I'd love for some recessive genes to make a breakthrough as there are quite a mix of colourings on both my partners side and my own.

    His Family
    Mum, blonde & blue eyed. Dad, Dark & blue eyed. Uncle, Dark & hazel eyed x2, Aunts, Blonde & Blue eyes. Unsure about his grandparents. All go lovely golden brown when they tan. No curls.

    My Family
    Grandma, Dark hair & hazel eyes. Mum, Dark hair & green eyes. Aunt, light brown hair & blue eyes. Uncle, Light brown hair & hazel eyes. Nana, Auburn hair & blue eyes. Poppa, Dark hair & brown eyes. Mixed bag of skin tones, including traditional Scottish (look at the sun and instantly burn) as well as those who have a nice golden tan. A few rogue curly haired individuals in the bunch.
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