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    Quote Originally Posted by mnmemily15 View Post
    mine change between blue/turquoise/green/gray and they always have a golden circle around the pupil
    Omg me too!!! Is there a name for this?! I've never met anyone who had that. My husband stares at my gold ring when we're really close. He think it's so cool.

    My dad has sort of dark blue-green eyes. My mom has gorgeous hazel green with flecks of gold and caramel and such. So I always thought that specific combo gave me my weird eyes.

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    I don't have a boyfriend either, but here is my family:
    My mom's family is all fair, blonde, and blue eyed, but my mom for some reason has medium-dark brown hair. There are some really short people and some really tall people. My mom is 5'6''. My dad's family is all short (though there are some tall ones as well) and olive skinned, with thick, straight black hair and dark brown eyes, but my dad has this gorgeous, full head of curly black hair. Nobody goes bald in that family

    My brother and I are a sort of mix between the two, but each of us are leaning towards the two different sides. My brother is shortish and has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, but fairly pale skin, so he more or less fits in with my mom's family as some of her cousins and such have darker hair. But I, on the other hand, have super thick, wavy dark-brown-practically-black hair, olive skin, and hazelly green eyes that look weirdly light with the rest of my colouring. Actually, I have been told that in some lighting, my eyes are the same colour as the Cullen Vampires from Twilight (I've never watched it so I don't know). Anyway, I look really out of place at my mom's family reunions, although I have similar facial features to some of them.

    I can't see myself having a blonde child, though I suppose their might be some kind of throwback to my mom. There are twins on both sides of my family, and I would actually quite like to have twins, so I'm hoping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    Omg me too!!! Is there a name for this?! I've never met anyone who had that. My husband stares at my gold ring when we're really close. He think it's so cool.
    That's three of us now! Lol.

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    I'm a little concerned about the possibility of red hair! My husband and I both have very dark hair, but his father was a redhead! My husband's sister's daughter is blonde, though, but she takes after her father. I have green eyes and my husband has brown eyes. I'm expecting a dark haired, brown eyed child with pale to olivish skin tone (hard to say - I'm very pale, but my husband is more olive toned). They might have curly hair - my hair is very straight, but my husband's is curly if he lets it grow. But who knows!
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    I have one boy and am expecting another, ideally I will also have a girl at some point.

    Leo has blue eyes and blond hair (with a reddish tinge when the sun glints off it at a certain angle), although it appears to be going a darker blond as my own did as a toddler. I started off blond and was a dark brunette by the time I was 4, although as an adult I seem to have a few strands of each colour! Some are Darker brown, others lighter, some definitely copper, the ones bleached by the sun can be quite blonde, and there are also a few pesky greys trying their luck (quickly plucked!). My eyes are dark blue.
    My partner was a platinum blond child, whose hair is now a dark blond, he also has blue eyes, although his are lighter than mine and Leo's.

    I think I'll assume that future children will also have blue eyes and be blonde, maybe going darker as they grow up. I'd love for some recessive genes to make a breakthrough as there are quite a mix of colourings on both my partners side and my own.

    His Family
    Mum, blonde & blue eyed. Dad, Dark & blue eyed. Uncle, Dark & hazel eyed x2, Aunts, Blonde & Blue eyes. Unsure about his grandparents. All go lovely golden brown when they tan. No curls.

    My Family
    Grandma, Dark hair & hazel eyes. Mum, Dark hair & green eyes. Aunt, light brown hair & blue eyes. Uncle, Light brown hair & hazel eyes. Nana, Auburn hair & blue eyes. Poppa, Dark hair & brown eyes. Mixed bag of skin tones, including traditional Scottish (look at the sun and instantly burn) as well as those who have a nice golden tan. A few rogue curly haired individuals in the bunch.
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