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    Quote Originally Posted by mnmemily15 View Post
    mine change between blue/turquoise/green/gray and they always have a golden circle around the pupil.
    My eyes exactly, lol.

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    Not a clue really.
    DH's family all have pale blue eyes and light hair. My family is a total grab-bag, so many different backgrounds that nobody really looks like anybody else. I have dark hair and green eyes, but my mother is a blonde with brown eyes. All I know is that our children will almost certainly be skinny with curly hair, everything else could go several ways. I kind of love the idea that if we have multiple children they could each look completely different.

    I have a couple sets of multiples on my side, but not enough to make me think it runs in the family.
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    I'm too lazy to really guess what my kids will look like, so I used Morph Thing. For some reason all of them are blond(e) and appear to have blue eyes, which is unlikely (some: possible; all: unlikely), since I have brown hair and brown eyes. SO has blond hair (he claims it's "mousy brown," but his state ID has him as officially blond, as the DMV lady and I agreed his hair is not brown) and blue eyes, though, and there's some of that in my family, too: dad and his parents and mom's mom all have blue eyes (again, though, there's contention: dad and grandma have apparently both tried to claim that they have "hazel" eyes; dad's are definitely blue, and I'll just have to take my mom's word for it that my grandma is wrong, too). Anyway, here are my children:

    Kids will likely be shortish, as I'm 5' and SO is 5'9''-5'10''. I contribute the possibility of freckles, while SO contributes dimples and a widow's peak. There are some serious curls on my side (interestingly, mostly among the males: my brother & both of my dad's brothers), though my hair tends more on the wavy side, and SO's family mostly has pin-straight hair...except for his dad, who also has crazy curls. My mom told me once that she was sure she'd have a kid with red hair, since her grandma came from a family full of redheads (there were six or seven kids, I think). She didn't, but my hair does have red tones in it and I've been mistaken for a redhead before, so I guess there's a remote possibility of red hair in there, too.

    I'm hoping for an equal number of boys and girls: two of each. My parents only have brothers - dad has two, mom had one. Three of my grandparents had one brother and one sister, while the remaining grandpa had two sisters and a brother. SO and I both have one sibling of the opposite gender. His mom has three sisters, a brother, and a half-sister, and...I have no idea about his dad, actually. At least one brother and one sister, I think. There's no history of multiples in my family, but I think there are some twins on SO's side. His mom enjoys psychically intuiting major life events (like, half-seriously) and has told him that she "feels" he's going to have twins one day.

    + Re: your BQ - I can only offer my own familial anecdote, which is that both of my parents are fair-skinned, I'm fair-skinned, and my brother has olive skin. My grandpa (mom's dad) was half Welsh and had olive skin.
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    It's kind of easy for me to guess my children's traits.
    My husband has dark blonde, wavy hair and brown eyes. My hair is naturally an ashy-blonde and pin straight and I have greenish-blue eyes. So we will most likely have blondes, but eye color will be tricky. I know that brown is a dominant gene, but on both sides our genetics are halved. My husband and his father and his father's father all have brown eyes, while his mom and her mom both had blue and same goes for my side (my mother is one of seven children and they all have blue eyes) so I think it will be a toss up. But I hope that I have at least one child with my eye color
    My children will also most likely be tall and lean, both of our families have these traits. But then again, genes are strange... who knows, right?
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    My husband has sandy brown hair and is fair with hazel-green (gorgeous) eyes. He is darker than me but only because he spends way more time in the sun. He has strands of red in his beard - some of the hairs look like copper filament growing out of him, they are so bright red! His paternal aunt was a redhead and a twin (her fraternal twin sister died in infancy) so gingers and twins run on his side.

    As for me - I have a fair mother and a dark (part American Indian) father. But I am even lighter than my mom. I am milk-pale with dark blonde to light brown hair. (Haven't seem my natural color in a while. Thanks, henna!) My eyes are blue-green.

    I see our baby with blue-green or green eyes, and blonde, strawberry blonde or red hair, darkening to light brown later if it's blonde. I don't see how s/he won't be fair-skinned. But probably darker than me considering my husband will drag him or her outside all the time. His hair is stick straight, mine is curly, so that's a toss-up. He is average height, I am slightly above average, so I figure average or just above.

    I have fraternal twin brothers and I'm on Clomid, so I suppose multiples are a possibility too. Twins are very fun. Definitely a bit more dangerous and way more work, but what a pay-off. :-)

    I have a widow's peak and some freckles. I have huge slightly almond-shaped eyes, his have Asiatic folds. He had an overbite corrected with braces, I have really pointed canine teeth. There's just no telling. I hope s/he gets all the good stuff and very little of the bad.

    We both are muscular with very strong legs. Both of us are Scots-Irish mutts with a lot of other stuff thrown in. Rebellious in our youth, voracious readers, stubborn, opinionated, a bit weird. We're in for it. :-)

    As for gender, my mom had 3 boys and 1 girl. My dad had 2 girls and one boy. My younger brother has one girl and they miscarried one girl. It's tough to say. I have a feeling that my first will be a boy. I've always had that feeling but I don't know why. And honestly I'd adore to have one (or preferably two!) of each, but at this point one healthy baby of either gender seems like such a beautiful and magical thing that asking for more than one is like asking for two doors into Heaven. Just the one for now, LOL.
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