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    Well, it's not easy to predict. My family is nearly all blonde, blue eyed people with the exception of my one granny who I've inherited my colouring from. My boyfriend is very fair, light blue eyes, blonde wavy hair and pale skin. His family albums is almost blinding due to the blondeness. Lots of curls on both sides. So I thought Rosalind would be pale, blue eyed and blonde, but nope; she's got almost black hair, brown eyes and olive-ish skin. A mini me, but darker. She's still only 5 1/2 weeks, but I think her colours will stick. As for other genetic things; I assume she'll be my height (boyfriend is same height as the men in my family, and the women in his are the same as me) and slim. Curls would be fun, at least some waves in her hair. The interesting thing now is to see how it will go next time; I hope for a little curly blonde child for the fun of it. As for it being more likely if I have more girls or boys... ALL my boyfriend's brothers have only sons (9 combined) and it's been only boys born on his father's side for five generations I think (as in; his father only had boys, his father's father and back like that), so I thought I'd have a boy too. But she was a girl! Now my soon to be father-in-law says all the girl genes have been stored up in my boyfriend and we'll have all girls. We'll see!
    I don't really care if I'll have a boy or a girl next time, but being a girl-mum at the moment I have a hard time picturing myself with a little boy. And girls are so much fun! I like little boys too, but I think I'm more suited as a girl mummy.

    No multiples in my family, thank goodness! I've never been one to dream about twins, and I hope I'll never experience it. Not because twins are terrible, but I imagine a tougher pregnancy and more risk. And as I want my children pretty close together I'd have to get a triple-buggy, and I've never seen a cute one!
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    My jaw and lips come from my dad's side of the family as my cousin Laura has the same smile but the rest of me belongs to my mum's side. There's a photo of my mum and aunt from the seventies that terrifies my cousin Helena and I as it looks like we've been transported back in time x_x People constantly comment on us all looking so much alike.

    My great granny Edith had dark brown curls and mum and I inherited her hair, albeit in a lighter ash brown shade. Looking at the old Edwardian photos I know all the girls were around my height and they're all as slim as me. My hands and arms are great grannys too. As far I can tell most had our green-blue eyes but it's hard to tell in black and white pics. In general though I think I look a lot more like great aunt Eva (great grannys sister) whose photo is my avatar

    My great granddad had ginger hair and my own grandma inherited that so I'm fairly certain - with my freckles and pale skin tone - that I carry the red haired gene and I wouldn't be at all surprised if I had kids with red hair.

    According to grandma, great granny had two sets of twins who didn't survive so twins supposedly run on her side of the family.

    No idea what my future kids will look like, but I hope any daughters escape the curse of curly hair!

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    My family albums resemble ottilie's boyfriend's: Blondapalooza. We're all extremely fair, tow-headed and blue-eyed, though a few of us come in strawberry blond flavors.

    So when I married a swarthy Arab (heh heh heh), whose family all have dark curls, olive skin and dark eyes stretching back millennia (unless there was a Crusader in the woodpile or something), we expected a little one with medium brown hair, dark eyes, and an intermediate skin tone.

    Instead we got this milk-white little ginger with grey eyes. I think it's honestly a genetic fluke; I expect #2 to be as described above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    No idea what my future kids will look like, but I hope any daughters escape the curse of curly hair!
    Fellow Curly! Totally with you here, but my great-great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother, mother and I all literally have the same wild curly head of hair. I have a picture of the five of us at the same ages and we could be sisters. My mom's genes are very strong.

    The future hubs (ahh less than three months) and I will probably have caramel colored, wild curly haired, brown eyed crazy babies!
    Can't wait!
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    My boyfriend and I both have blonde hair and blue eyes. His are light blue but mine change between blue/turquoise/green/gray and they always have a golden circle around the pupil soooo i'm hoping my kids get my eyes But, my mother had brown hair and green eyes and my father had almost black hair and brown eyes. They had 4 kids: a thick hair/fair skinned redhead with green eyes, a nearly black/THIN hair with brown eyes, a light brown with grey/green eyes, and me. So I think that are kids could come out with any color, shape, and eyes.

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