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    I prefer the classic spelling of Zoe. Zoey reminds me of Joey and feels less feminine IMO.
    What abour Zoe Faith? Zoe Grace? Zoe Olivia?
    Finally expecting my first at age 43!!

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    I vastly prefer Zoe to Zoey. That y just looks weird to me.

    Zoe is on my own list so I'll give you a few of my preferred combos...

    Zoe Anastasia
    Zoe Cassandra
    Zoe Eliza(beth)
    Zoe Alina
    Zoe Elise
    Zoe Cecilia
    Zoe Beatrice
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I really like Zoey, as compared to Zoe. My name is fairly common, with a slightly unique spelling (an 'a' is added to the 'e') and even though people always misspell my name the first time, it made me feel unique and special while I was growing up.

    I really like Zoey Simone too, but obviously you can't use it, with your last name being what it is. I would suggest trying to find a three syllable middle name to add some length to a great first name and last name.

    Good luck!

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