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    I prefer the classic spelling of Zoe. Zoey reminds me of Joey and feels less feminine IMO.
    What abour Zoe Faith? Zoe Grace? Zoe Olivia?
    Mommy to beautiful Lilah

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    I vastly prefer Zoe to Zoey. That y just looks weird to me.

    Zoe is on my own list so I'll give you a few of my preferred combos...

    Zoe Anastasia
    Zoe Cassandra
    Zoe Eliza(beth)
    Zoe Alina
    Zoe Elise
    Zoe Cecilia
    Zoe Beatrice
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    I really like Zoey, as compared to Zoe. My name is fairly common, with a slightly unique spelling (an 'a' is added to the 'e') and even though people always misspell my name the first time, it made me feel unique and special while I was growing up.

    I really like Zoey Simone too, but obviously you can't use it, with your last name being what it is. I would suggest trying to find a three syllable middle name to add some length to a great first name and last name.

    Good luck!

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