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    Cornelia Esther Primrose nn Nelly - I like all 3 names in this combo and I love Nelly! Very pretty name.
    Jane Agatha Gwendolen - I adore Jane and love Gwendolen. Agatha isn't really my style but I do like it with this combo.
    Hattie Beatrice Winter - I like this one. Hattie isn't one of my favorites, but this is a very nice combo.\

    Lettice/Letitia Primrose Jane - I don't like Lettice at all. I'm sorry but it sounds like lettuce to me. Letitia is okay, but not my cup of tea. Primrose Jane is very pretty though.

    other combos I like:
    Jane Beatrice Winter
    Cornelia Jane Primrose
    Hermione Gwendolen Esther
    Carolina Winter Jane
    Bethany Cornelia Primrose
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    My favorite first name is Hermione. I would also love Primrose and Winter if they were first name options!

    My favorite combos are Hattie Beatrice Winter and Cornelia Esther Primrose. I don't like all of the individual names, but the full combos are both really pretty!

    I like the suggestions of Hermione Jane Primrose, Hermione Gwendolen Esther, and Bethany Cornelia Primrose.
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    Oh, responses! So many lovely ideas, thank you all!
    @boyandgirl : Jane Beatrice is a fine name, but a bit too classic for me. I prefer pairing classic names with spunky middles.
    @seazuno86: I am glad you like Cornelia, I was afraid everybody can't get trough the "corn" sound.
    @krismichelle: Hermione Jane Primrose is gorgeous! Thank you for your suggestion, I only wonder it's too Harry Potter-ish?(as I remember, Hermione Jean Granger was that character's full name). That doesn't bother me much though. I liked Hermione for a long time, I think of Winter Tale first.
    @kala_way: I guess Lettice is too "green-salad" for most of people. Actually, I tend to like girl names ending in -ice(Bernice, Alice, Candice) so Lettice felt in this category for me. I think it's more of a GP though.
    I love your ideas of Carolina Winter Jane, Cornelia Jane Primrose and Hermione Gwendolen Esther.
    @jessica123: I would like to use Primrose "Rosie" or Winter "Winnie" as first names but since they are raising in popularity I consider them as middle names. If name my DD Winter and her name will get in Top 100 someday, I will be irritated

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    I love Hermione and Cornelia!
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    Thanks. I see they are the front-runners.

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