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    I absolutely adore Margot Hermione Winslet, it's so beautiful. I had a thought for another too - Margot Francine Winslet. I'm sure whatever you choose will be beautiful

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    Margot Hermione Winslet is definitely my favourite! I love Margot, btw!
    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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    Ah congrats! Finalising is so awesome!
    My thoughts:
    Margot Imogen Winslet - I love the name Imogen it's really lovely and well known in the UK. However I do agree that this middle name feels really pedestrian sandwiched between the lively Margot and the intriguing surname choice. Suggestion Margot Genevieve Winslet?

    Margot Florence Winslet - I love Florence so elegant, and pretty. Florence however doesn't work sandwiched between Margot and Winslet the double 'o' sound is just odd and the fact that Margot ends in her 'o' and Florence begins with her 'o' it causes the the name to turn into a mouthful. Suggestion Margot Sienna Winslet

    Margot Coraline Winslet - I'm sorry for being so negative, but for me Coraline doesn't work with Margot, the combination lacks flow. I also dislike the running's of the 'o' names together. Suggestion Margot Caroline Winslet?

    Margot Holiday Winslet - Love Holiday, so funky cool and for filled with happiness. But I think Holiday would work better teamed with a tamer classic like Vivienne or Charlotte. This feels a little bit too unusual...

    Margot Matilda Winslet - I actually really like this. Matilda just sounds really pretty sandwiched between Margot and Winslet I also think the alliteration within this combination is very charming. Margot Matilda Winslet is so sweet.

    Margot Isadora Winslet - Yes this name is very dramatic and could be deemed as over the top. I think when extreme berry favourites are partnered together it can create dramatic combinations like for example Melisande Alice. Yet it works. Isadora is a lovely choice, very feminine and elegant she works sandwiched between Margot and Winslet the combination has a lot of character.

    Margot Hermione Winslet - My favourite. Hermione is a lovely, elegant choice. She has a lot of fantastic qualities and feels whimsical yet strong. Unlike with Isadora this combination doesn't feel over the top, because Hermione does have a softer quality to the name compared with Isadora. I love how this combination works and she's my favourite.

    Margot Celia Winslet - Hmmm slightly too old lady, I think Cecilia would work better.

    Hope this helped x

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    My favorites are Margot Imogen Winslet, Margot Hermione Winslet and Margot Celia Winslet. Margot is beautiful, btw!

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