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    Margot's Middle Name!

    It has been done. I have convinced myself and my husband that if we get a girl on delivery day she will be Margot. It feels great, like we have possibly the most perfect name for a baby girl. Some may not like it but frankly I couldn't care less!

    Now though we are on to middle names, which are strangely a extremely hard for us... they are constantly on my mind, I finished work last week so I have way to much time to think about it. I've come up with a little list, each of the combo's includes Winslet, which is definitely going to be included. I like Margot Winslet, just simple and classic but my hubby thinks she needs another name, mostly because Winslet is his mother's maiden name... he thinks it isn't fair for her to just get a reused surname. So here are some combos which I kind of like...

    Margot Imogen Winslet (Our initial favourite, but it seems sort of pedestrian..)
    Margot Florence Winslet (This is very pretty to me, but the two o sounds sound a little strange or something, what do you think?)
    Margot Coraline Winslet (Does it flow?)
    Margot Holiday Winslet (Too odd? I think it's a little bit unusual...)
    Margot Matilda Winslet (Does the double m work?)
    Margot Isadora Winslet (Too much name?)
    Margot Hermione Winslet (Again too much name? I really like this one!)
    Margot Celia Winslet (Too old lady?)

    Let me know what you think, if you have any strong likes or dislikes let me know!

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    Margot Hermione Winslet is fabulous! It is serious and fanciful, all at once! I don't think it's too much name. It stands at eight syllables, the same as Elizabeth Victoria; I know quite a few of those. It is quite a high letter count, but, on most days, she'll be just Margot.
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    I also love Margot Hermione Winslet! It's not too much name at all to me, but I tend to prefer long, multi-syllabic names.

    1. Margot Hermione Winslet
    2. Margot Celia Winslet
    3. Margot Isadora Winslet
    4. Margot Imogen Winslet
    5. Margot Coraline Winslet

    The others I don't really care for. Matilda's a nice enough name, but I don't like how it starts with an M like Margot. Holiday is a bit too whimsical for my taste, and Florence just doesn't flow right because all the names are two syllables.
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    Margot Hermione Winslet gets my vote.
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    I LOVE Margot Coraline Winslet!! Absolutely beautiful...stunning. I also like Margot Winslet Coraline.

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