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    Dislike. It is too feminine for me.

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    renrose Guest
    I went to school with a boy whose surname was Casey and the cousins of the family across the street had Casey as their surname too. Therefore, I see it as a surname.

    I do however, know a boy called Casey, who is the brother of one of my best friends. He's in his twenties and named his baby son after himself a few years ago.

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    Casey sounds unisex to me, like Chris. If I saw the name on a class list or resume, I wouldn't make an assumption either way. I like the name.

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    I know a handful of male Caseys of different ages, and they all wear it well. Casey is definitely still viable for a boy. I like it.

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    alyssa897 Guest
    Casey is one of those unisex names where I don't really have a preference about which gender I like it better for.

    The only Caseys I know in real life are boys (including the son of my mom's best friend, who's 17), but I've seen Casey used for girls on tv shows and movies.

    I think it's a great name.

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