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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeacelove View Post
    I like it. I'd love to meet a little boy named Casey.
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    I have a cousin in his 30s named Casey. It is nms, but I definitely think of it as a boy name. They only girls I have known have spelled it differently: Kaycee.
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    I think Casey is a great name for a boy! It's slightly more common for boys (when you add up the various spellings common on girls it's pretty close). As for gender confusion, I think with the near-even gender ratio people may sometimes question but chances are completely wrong assumptions won't be as common as if you went with something like Ashley.

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    I think Casey can go either way. I know a few Casey s of each gender so if I saw it on paper, I wouldn't automatically jump to male or female.
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    I love the name Casey. It makes me think of the children's baseball poem "Casey at the bat" by Ernest Thayer. The protagonist in that poem is a big burly athlete, so the name seems male-gendered to me.

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