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  • Elijah Scott

    39 54.93%
  • Joseph Scott

    32 45.07%
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    Final Poll- Boys

    We're keeping the gender unknown but would love to get feedback on these and see the general public's opinions.

    Elijah Scott- Might be nicknamed Eli, but it will probably stay as Elijah. Scott is after baby's grandfather.
    Joseph Scott- Joseph honors my grandfather, Scott honors my dad. Joseph will get shortened to Jay after my favorite character in literature, Jay Gatsby. We are trying to avoid Joe, but if people call him that, oh well!

    Thank you for feedback!

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    I voted for Joseph Scott. Elijah/ Eli just feels so overdone lately. Joseph is classic... it will never die. I love the nn's Joe, Joey, Jay, etc.
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    i can't vote, they are both great
    your relatives will be psyched either way!

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    metami43 Guest
    I voted Elijah. It has been the name for my next boy for the last 20 years! (I am not having more children at age 52!)

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    Ilias is a variation of Elijah which can still spin nn Eli

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