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    I adore Casey for a boy! I think it's so cute but it ages well too. On a girl it sounds a bit low-end to me, but on a boy I think it's sweet and respectable. I know a teenage boy named Casey and he is so caring and responsible, so I associate the name with a really wonderful person. Good luck!

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    It's not at all my style, but Casey is much more masculine to me. However, I would worry about people assuming he's a girl. I normally try to avoid "unisex" (or previously male, but now unisex) names for boys. It would be really tough to be an insecure, teenage boy and have girls in your class with the same name... especially if others only knew girls with that name. So I don't know... if you really love it, then maybe... but weigh the disadvantages...
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    I don't know any Casey of either gender but I do prefer it for a boy.

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    I have only ever known Casey's that were girls. Actually one of my best friends when I was younger, was named Casey. BUT I still see it as a boys name. I just think Casey is a really good name, and it is completely unisex. It's a name that can be for a boy or girl, more than a lot of other names in my opinion.
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    Yes! My brother played baseball with a boy named Casey. I always thought his name was so cool!
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