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    I think that's truly a gender neutral name. Not masculine on a girl, not feminine on a boy. When I hear the name the first thing I think of is Casey at the Bat, so that's a good association. Or Casey on (canadian children's show) Mr. Dressup, who (I think) was purposely supposed to be a non-gendered kid.

    It's great. Cute but able to grow. Food for thought: I worked with a K.C. because his grownup name was Kent something...his parents wanted him to have a more mature name as well. K.C. is a little "and the Sunshine Band" to me, but I just thought I'd share.
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    I know both a boy and girl named Casey. I really dont care for it on either one of them to be honest. It's not a strong enough sounding name for me either way.
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    Hmm...I actually like it! I would only be concerned that people may mistake him for a girl, just by seeing his name. I am considering using it in the future..but who knows

    I know of only one male Casey, who is in his forties by now...they named his daughter after him, so just in that one household was male Casey and little female Casey, but it worked for them and was actually pretty sweet.
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    i used to think it was all girl, but currently i know no girls named casey but two boys with the name. Definetly boys
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    I know three Casey's personally. "Casey" a girl, "Kasey" a boy, and "KC" a boy. Personally for me I have come to associate the "K" with a boy's name and the "C" with a girl's name. However the name itself is completely versatile (though I personally prefer it on a girl)

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