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    Questions about Gregory...

    A few questions here: firstly.. what do you berries think of Gregory (my grandfathers name!)? What thoughts are conjured up when your heat the name? Lately it has been really growing on me...

    Have been thinking lots about combo Zephyr Gregory recently..(still looking for the perfect middle for Zephyr
    Another favourite Zephyr combo of mine is Zephyr Finnegan which I've posted about before...I mention this as both middles are family names and i thought both combos could give us pet name ziggy which I love and I'm wondering which of the two combos you prefer and which lends to ziggy more intuitively in your opinion?

    Would love to hear your thoughts on Gregory as a name in itself and on combo. Also, at present wouldn't use Gregory up front as don't love it enough but wondering if anyone has any nn suggestions other than Greg ( not a Greg fan at ALL) thought maybe Rory could work (love this) but maybe too much of a stretch?

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    Gregory is a little dated, but I think it's a handsome name. Zephyr Gregory is quite nice. I like it a lot.
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    I like Gregory. It's relaxed but manly, handsome but not try-hard. It makes me think of Gregory Peck.

    You know the current craze for Grey as a name? I was thinking it'd be a perfectly plausible short form for Gregory.

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    Zephyr Gregory is a wonderful combo and I love it's family meaning for you.
    Gregory on it's own isn't my favorite I prefer the German Georg but I do work with a Gregory who just had a baby and made his son a III. His son is the most adorable little baby imaginable so I find it quite charming on a child.
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    My husband's name is Greg so that's what I think of when I hear the name. Some nicknames I use beside the already mentioned Rory, and Grey are Ry (pronounced like ree), Gregor, and Greer.

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