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    If you loved the name...

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    I mean, you can't predict what the kids will do with the name once she's school age. It does set it up a bit for them, but you never know, they might not be that clever!
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    It would definitely cause me pause. :/ How do you feel about the similar name Afton?

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    I think its fine personally. I love Aspen and really I don't think about a$$ at all when I hear it. Plus, Aspen Hind sounds fine.

    Although, I've heard of Jesus Condom, so it's really not that bad.

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    i LOVE Aspen, but the ass sound has always been a turn off for me. I imagine calling to my little girl in a busy public place, saying "Come here, Ass!" might get a few looks. As-pen Hind is honestly a bit of a set up, but i think kids will get over it quickly. My best friends' full name means "ass head" and we laughed along with her, and now only bring it up in a fight lol. Maybe if you use Nickname Penny at least 50% of the time it would be less noticable. Aspen is such a lovely name, i would go with it if you love it so much
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