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    Braydens everywhere! All spelled differently.
    This is a video of 4 boys named Brayden in the same school, each with a different spelling. That must be fun to keep track of. It is called "One name, 4 spellings"

    Of course that reminded me of this ad from a few years ago:

    And these remind me of the pro hockey game I saw - featuring Brayden, Braydon and Braden, who had to be over 18!

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    I was at my eight-year-old cousin's baseball game once and noticed a similar phenomenon. There were team banners hanging up on the fences with team names and the names of all the players (all in the 10 and under age range). I couldn't believe the number of "rhymes with Aidan" names I saw. One team had a Brayden, a Kaden, and an Aiden. I can't wait for these names to go away. They already sound dated to me.

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    Agree with southern.maple, these names are going to be dated for sure. I'd much prefer to meet a little Brandon than Brayden/Jayden/Zayden. Or at least people would stop using these names for girls

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    A perfect example of why parents should avoid these names like the plague.
    All the best,

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    I honestly do not see an issue with the *aden* names. When I grew-up there were Johns and Jennifers around each corner. I still know many, many Johns and Jennifers (children). Though I personally would not use Jennifer, was on the fence about John, they are both decent names. There is in actuality nothing wrong with Aiden, Caden, Braden. All are nice, handsome boy names. I am speaking as a mother that is in her 40s (42). I feel it is very important that parents choose names that are special and meaningful for them. And, no, I do not have a child with an *aden* name. Though Caden was very high on my list.
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