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    javad Guest

    Neirin, Piran & Terwyn

    As many of you already know, we have a solid top 4 boy name options (Emrys, Evander, Jasper, Amias), but I'm continually seeking to find other options (Solon, mentioned in a previous post, is one that's still gathering up some reflection time), just in case our perfect name has just not yet been found (though I'd be happy with any of our top 4). As a side note, Emrys has been slowly making it's way more toward the top of the pack, he's sitting in the number one spot for now, with Evander currently following on his heels.

    Here are three new-to-me discoveries that I have been reflecting on. What are your thoughts on these names? Any that you think I should consider bringing into the running for the top few? Why?

    --- Neirin (does anyone know if this is pronounced NAY-rin or NYE-rin, some places I saw it mentioned one way, some the other. But I figure some Berry here knows for sure.)- As far as I can tell, it's probably a Welsh name related to Aneurin, meaning 'honor', but I read a couple of places that it might be related to an Irish name that means 'surrounded by light'.

    --- Piran (I'm pretty sure this one is pronounced like Kieran but with a P, like PEER-in). According to nameberry it's an Irish name that means 'prayer', but I can't find much evidence of that elsewhere.

    --- Terwyn (Any Welsh speakers that can confirm for me the pronunciation here? Is it like TER-wyn?) It's a Welsh name that means 'bright'

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    All the names look really cool. I do not have any information concerning how to pronounce those names or what they mean. The only thing is I can see that Neirin and Terwyn could cause issues with people saying the name incorrectly all the time. I really like Piran, I would pronounce it like you have said,like Kieran with a p.

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    I love Piran (and agree with what c&p said). Nice one! Terwyn is pronounced ter-WIN (the r is kind of rolling).
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    Neirin (nay-rin) is an older form of Aneirin apparently. Not a Welsh speaker though, my knowledge is purely from remembering what my Welsh friend taught me about the alphabet. I don't know about Terwyn though (except the ending will be 'win').

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    I love your solid top 4 list! I personally wouldnt bring any of the 3 into it. :/

    (Emrys and Amias are my faves from your original list)
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