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    domestikated Guest
    I've been contemplating Millicent nn Penny lately. Is the cent=penny connection to silly? I'm not sure!

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    Aug 2012
    So creative, without being too creative. I think it is super cute!

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    Okay, so this might only work as a middle name but Tuppence - I have recently fallen in love with it. Penny is sweet though - good luck!

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    I love a lot of these suggestions! You are all so smart. I particularly like Aspen, because I liked it already and now it has a cute nickname.

    Tuppence is cute. And funny because you can get penny from the way it sounds, the -pence part. But it is also a variant spelling of twopence (correct me if I am wrong) which is equal to two pennies. Cute!

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    What about Penn nn Penny? I'm liking that one.
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