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Thread: I feel crazy!

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    I feel crazy!

    Hey there fellow berries!
    I am expecting a second daughter, sister to Ella Sue. Just 12 months apart. All my husband and I do is fight about names and I feel like I've seen every name and over thought it so much I can't think straight anymore! Now we just want something that we both like.

    We both like the name Keira. My one hang up is that it's two syllables and ends in an "a" like Ella, I was, hoping to be a little more different.
    I really like the name Maxeene, nn Maxi, or Max, but think about discounting it because of a nn of Maxi-Pad. Does this cross anyone else's mind besides mine? Well, I should say it's more like the first thing that pops into my mind.
    We also like Ava, but it seems really popular. Is Ava the Jennifer of today? I know Ella is popular, but we don't know any Ella's, whereas we know a few Ava's and again, it ends in an a.
    Brynn is nice, we both seem to like that one.
    I like simple elegant names.

    Are my hang ups stupid, am I stressing about nothing? Does anyone else's husband drive them crazy with the names? I also feel like there is some motherly intuition when you're carrying a baby...perfectly good names sound bad for some reason, like the kid is saying "omg, I'm so not a Harper, how could you think that?"

    Suggestions for names or thoughts on my little worries are welcome, but be gentle please. I'm hormonal! Many thanks!

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    All the best,

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    Ruby was my first thought - as mentioned by the pp. Also, how about Claire or Clara?

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    Sounds like you just have a thing for popular names. There isn't anything wrong with that. Maxeen nn Maxi would surely hear Maxi-pad as a teenager. What about Roxanne? I get the same vibe, but you get cute littly Roxy instead of Maxi. Foxy Roxy isn't nearly as bad as Maxi Pad.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Brynn was the best name that you mentioned, in my opinion. Ella and Brynn have different sounds, yet are both short, sweet, feminine and popular (in a good way.)

    I wouldn't pick Ava because it sounds too similar to Ella. Don't worry though: Ava is not today's Jennifer. I don't think any name will reach that kind of fame any time soon.

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