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    Just as Lola is too close to Lilah, I think Penelope is too close to Piper. But wow, you have some great contenders so far: Marnie, Coralie, Georgia, Jillian/Gillian, Fiona, Stella, and Jamie.

    I don't know that Jamie needs to be short for anything; couldn't it just be Jamie?

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    Yes, it could just be Jamie. I would have to think of a great middle name for Jamie! Yes, all of the names you mentioned are great! It is so hard to choose!!!

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    This is a little out there but I love James as a middle name for a girl. It's a little less cutesy than Jamie but still carries the same sound!

    I love :
    Georgia James (sounds like a movie star!)
    Felicity James
    Coralie James "Cora"
    Stella James
    I do like Lydia James too but I saw your husband squashed it! Boo!!

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    Benjamina nn Jamie
    Josephine Amie could also get the nn Jamie
    You could also name her Jane nn Janie

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    I'll talk to my husband about the James mn.

    As far as the Jane nn Janie...Jane is my husband's ex mother in law's name lol so, that's a no! Not a nice person!

    Keep the names coming! I probably won't be on here much for the next few grandmother passed away yesterday. I will be busy with visitation and funeral. But, it will be a nice thing after it's all over to see more names! Thanks y'all

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