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    Hmm yes I think Lilah and Lola are too close....but that's ok there's so many more options! I hope you come back to say which name y'all go with, I'm extra interested

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    I love Stella and Fiona for you

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    I LOVE Coralie!!!! Cora is a family name and Lee is a family name, so that's a nice mix of the two

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    I thought Lola was too close. Oh well

    Love both Stella and Fiona! Both beautiful names!

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    Hubby likes the name Jamie also. That was his aunt's name. Everyone says I remind them of her. She was killed, so he wants to remember her. But what would you name a girl that would have the nn Jamie?? Having a hard time with this one lol. He vetoed Lydia, which was what I loved the most! He also says he's not sure about Penelope, which is my other fave! Other names I love are Georgia, Rosalie, Felicity, Cordelia(nn Cora), Aria and Eden. So many beautiful girl names out there!!!!

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