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    Help! Name for our fourth daughter!

    I posted on a different forum on here before we knew the sex of our baby. We found out today that we are having another girl!! My husband has a daughter from his first marriage, Isabell Jalyn, and we have 2 daughters together, Delilah Avery and Piper Denise. Any suggestions on names for our fourth girl? Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Stella and Scarlett came to mind first. I think they work well with your other girls.
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    I LOVE Stella! A friend of mine just had a girl named Scarlet, so it's a no it's a beautiful name though!

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    I think Penelope (nn Penny) would go well with your sibling names.

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    Penelope is my very favorite girl name right now! I think it sounds beautiful with our girls' names!!! I just have to talk dh into it!!!

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