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    How about a name that means a colour? Like Indigo, Rose, Amber, Ebony, Mauve, Olive, ect. I think you want a 2 syllable or 1 syllable name. It would sound best with your 3, 3, 2 list so far.

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    I love Olive and Amber! Idk about the rest, my hubby is pretty picky it sucks!!!

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    I love Fiona! I also love Ruby because it's a family name. I think Romy is precious!!! I will have to run some of these by my hubby! His fav name is Jillian...I don't love it! Maybe I can convince him

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    I love Jillian--though would spell it with a G: Gillian. I think it would fit your sibset really well, and it's not much used these days. Sorry you don't love it as much.

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