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    Middle name for Cora

    Could I please get some recommendations for a middle name for Cora? Do you think Cora Harper works? That is the middle name we had wanted to use but now thar we are leaning towards Cora I'm not so sure it works. Thank you!

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    Cora Harper is okay. If you love it then I think it's very nice. It's not perfect in terms of flow--both 2 syllable and repeated R sounds.

    What about:
    Cora Hadley
    Cora Penelope
    Cora Hope
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    I'm not too keen on Cora Harper. I think it's all the R sounds. They sort of crowd each other. Cora is a lovely name, though.

    I like:
    Cora Elizabeth
    Cora Scarlet
    Cora Lily
    Cora Vivienne
    Cora Lucinda
    Cora Desiree

    And because I love alliteration, I couldn't resist adding:
    Cora Clemence
    Cora Calista
    Cora Clementine
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    I love Cora, however, imo Cora Harper just doesn't flow. But, if y'all love it then you need to go with it.
    Other suggestions:
    Cora Elise
    Cora Marie
    Cora Kathleen
    Cora Alexandra
    Cora Alice
    Cora Lily
    Cora Adeline
    Cora Louise

    Hope some of these help!

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