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    Exclamation Help Naming My Eastern European Character

    I need help naming a book character. She is in her mid thirties and has two children (a boy and a girl who will also need names). The setting is during the early 1970s. Her parents are from Eastern Europe and her name should be related to a name from the New Testament. She is very proud and thinks of herself as a underdog. Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know about biblical, but here's some Eastern European names:


    What's she look like? Personality?
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    She has a small frame and a delicate figure. She has light hair and blue-grey eyes. She is a about average height. Her husband is also Eastern European as well as biblical so names for him would be helpful, I was thinking Paul originally. For their names I think it is less important that their names be Eastern European than be biblical. The woman is also very girly and loves to shop.

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    "Eastern European" is a bit broad. It might help to be much more specific - is the character Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian? All of these countries have completely different languages, cultures, and naming practises (for instance, the name "Paul" isn't used in any of these countries - it should be Pavel, Pál, or Pawel).

    A nice tip would be to go to Wikipedia and look up people from the nationality you want who were born in the 1970's. That way your character would have a realistic name.
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    Magdalena - Biblical and works across multiple European countries. It's fairly traditional in many of them, and often times, a full name would be Maria Magdalena, if she comes from a religious family. Nicknames would be tied to specific cultures of Eastern Europe, but might include Madga, Lena, Lenka. However, she could choose the more English sounding Maggie as well.
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