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    A brother for Wren Stella....

    We are having a difficult time with names for our soon to be new addition! We want something different and unique since Wren is not to common of a name. I love Theo, Tyce, Wynn and my husband likes Vance and Landon (which I like for a girl). I would name him Theo but I am not to sure if its getting to be so popular. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

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    Well, I love Theo. I do think it is increasing popularity, but I don't think it is anywhere near main stream yet. I also like the idea of Tyce with Wren. So, my vote is for Theo or Tyce.

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    I like Tyce and Vance. Theo is on the rise and Landon is already very popular. Wynn is too close to Wren. Are you interested in other "nature" names to compliment Wren? If so then you may consider River, Stone, Slate, Talon, Forrest, or Pheonix.
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    I really like Wren & Theo, but if you're worried about popularity, what about Tate?
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    I love Theo and think it's great with Wren. I'm guessing Theo is one of those names that a lot of Nameberries are considering, but isn't actually very popular in the real world yet.

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