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Thread: Please help!!

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    Please help!!

    I am scheduled for a c-section 1 week from today and need help with a boy name!! We have agreed that the middle name will be Joseph, but we can't agree on the first name. My husband wants Vincent Joseph since that was his grandfather's name... but I'm a teacher and just can't do Vincent (BAD memories). Our first son's name is Gian Marco. So, I am looking for a name that is similar to Vincent that I can suggest to my husband... any suggestions? TIA!

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    Oh, I love Vincent! So handsome. I think Vincent Joseph is really a great name. Here are a few more suggestions:

    David Joseph
    Edward Joseph
    Liam Joseph
    Walter Joseph
    Geoffrey Joseph
    Declan Joseph

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    What about Victor Joseph? It's close enough to honor and starts with the same letter.

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    I like the name Vincent but as a former teacher, I do understand the problem!

    How about:

    Victor Joseph
    Vincenzo Joseph
    Vance Joseph

    I like the suggestion of Geoffrey Joseph as well.

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    I suppose Victor is a possibility. There is actually another family member on my husband's side with that name. I'm going to have to roll these other names around in my head a bit. Does anyone else have suggestions for me? Thanks!

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