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    How would YOU get to Betty?

    In my last post, I asked whether Beatrice or Beatrix was preferred, and if it seemed okay with Caleb and Annabel. Well, I asked the husband the same thing when he got home. He was already making his I-despise-this-name-business face when I said her nickname could be Betty. The change in his expression was immediate, and beautiful. His beloved grandmother is Betty, and I could plainly see that he would love to call a child after her. He decided (in a fraction of a second) that Beatrice wasn't so bad after all, if he could call her Betty.

    I love Betty, the name and the grandmother. Betty is a bit too retro with our other kids' names (Caleb and Annabel) to use it on its own. Knowing that he is not completely in love with Beatrice, what other names lend themselves to the nickname? Thanks so much!

    P.S. I've made it a whole week without breaking down and testing too early! Wish me luck holding out another week, and that it's positive when I finally do!
    Mama to Caleb Nicholas, Annabel Hope, and Grace Ramona

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