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Thread: Shiloh?

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    Thoughts on this name? I think it has a peaceful sound, and I know a Shiloh so I liked it before Brangelina used it
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    alyssa428 Guest
    I really like it. And you're right. It sounds so gentle and peaceful.

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    Really dislike it.

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    Sorry, but it is not my cup of tea at all! It's sounds like a Russian word for awl and I always think of a phrase it is used with in Russia (for a person who irritates you). Maybe if I could get trough these thoughts, I would like Shiloh, but not today.
    The sounds is peaceful though.

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    Shiloh as always struck me as very boyish, so I don't care for it on a girl. For that matter, I don't particularly care for it on a boy, either.
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