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    No. Neither of my daughters are called by shortened forms of their name. I've found people tend to follow your lead. By the time they hit 3 or so, the kids tend to correct others ("No, my name is not Cora, it is Cordelia!")

    I was worried with Cordelia because of Cory. I hated the idea of a boyish nickname, but I've just always called her Cordelia so everyone else does as well.
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    I can't see it. Jasper has a soft 's' sound in it, not a 'z' sound, so shortening it to Jaz does not seem intuitive to me at all.

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    Anything is possible when it comes to names and their nicknames. With that said, throughout life, we're ALL called something other than our birth name, whether it's related or not. I say if you love Jasper, have your Jasper, call him Jasper, and let that be enough.

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