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    Matilda Emerald is all sorts of amazing. I think it's perfect for you!
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    Thanks, dindlee. I think so too! Squeeeeee!

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    1. Matilda is a very pretty name, reminds me of the girl in the Rhonald Dahl book. I don't exactly know what you mean by hipster. No, it doesn't remind me of Austin and a bearded daddy! A sweet girl comes to mind,cpheraps with brown hair and maybe a bang? Also, I am not a fan of Milla (if pronounced like spelled, mill-ah). I like Maddie, Tilda, and Tilly.

    2.i am not the biggest fan of Beatrice, first of all. I never have been. I know it is a bit popular, but to me on NB it seems to be more of a middle name. Beatrice isn't a name I would choose for my child, but I do think the nickname Bea is cute. Reminds me of the Ramona and Beezus books. I can see it possibly making it, but not now.

    3. Isadora reminds me of Pandora. I don't really like it, but it sounds like a gem to me which is quite pretty. Just not my style. I do not like the nickname Dora, Izzy is ok. Not fond either, however.

    4. I pronounce Elsa Elle-San, and I have a feeling others will too. But if you proonceyour child's name like this, others will catch on and will too. I don't really like Elza the spelling, or pronunciation.
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    1. I personally think hipster is just a word thrown out too often in order to describe a trend. Matilda has a long history and shouldn't be put down due to "underground popularity". Plus Matilda has amazing nn options!

    2. Beatrice has all the makings to get into the top 100 and possibly top 25. Right now, I can't see it getting to top 10 as it's a bit more grounded than it's fairly frilly counterparts.

    3. I like Isadora! It's not a name that makes my heart flutter, but I'd love to meet one. I have a soft spot for the nn Izzy.

    4. I'm not particularly fond of Elza but that's mainly because I feel like it's missing an i I think I just happen to prefer Elsa both in phonetics and aesthetics.

    5. I like Via for Veronica a lot. I've never really liked Vera but perhaps it's because I think of Wang and The Incredibles. Veronica Franco is usually the person who comes to my mind, and she was incredibly fascinating.

    I think Matilda Emerald is a truly beautiful name full of spunk and sass while remaining grounded and beautiful.

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    1. I love Matilda nn Milla! I'm not sure if it his hipster or not, so no help there, but lovely name!

    2. No. I don't see Beatrice getting popular. I think it is Nameberry popular, but that is not an accurate sample of the real world!

    3. Isadora... absolutely beautiful. It is on my list! I don't like the name Dora, but I would use Issa, Izzy, or Ora. Oro means gold in Spanish, and it's only a one letter difference.

    4. I don't like the spelling Elza. It does make it seem made up. However, I don't really have an opinion on the name, so don't listen to me here.

    5. Vera is a lot nicer for Veronica. It is easier to see how you got it than Via, and in my opinion it is a nickname that ages well.

    Have fun! I love all your names except Elsa.
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