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    1# Personally, I don't think Matilda is a hipster name. The Matildas I know are not children of hipster parents, but that might because I'm from a foreign country. I connect Matilda to Empress Matilda, one of my personal favourite historical figures. I prefer Maude or Tilda as a nickname.

    2# It isn't already? That surprises me. I think it's such a lovely name.

    3# It's ok, I guess. I prefer Isabella. Dora makes me think of Dora the Explorer.

    4# Don't like any of the names, but I prefer Elsa over Elza. As other mentioned, Elza looks like a misspelling of Eliza.

    5# I definitely prefer Vera, it's such a lovely name.
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    1. How hipster is Matilda? Seriously? I didn't like it for the longest, and then I read part of a book about William the Conqueror's wife Matilda and now I think it's all historical and powerful and I like the nn Milla and my husband actually digs it. But I'm afraid it's just so my-daddy-has-a-beard-and-we-live-in-Austin. WDYT? Honestly? And do u like Milla as a nn?
    Honestly, I can't stand this name. I don't understand it's appeal at all and I know one Matilda who went by Motya(in Russia) - torture for my ears and eyes! I am not keen on Tilly but Mila is lovely. I don't think it sounds hipster but vintage.
    2. Do you see Beatrice getting quite popular? As in top 100 popular?
    Yes, I think it will get popular year by year. Vintage names are getting much love nowadays and plus Beatrice has lovely nickname options - Beata, Bea, Bee, Trissy etc.
    3. What do you think of Isadora? What nicknames do you like, besides Dora?
    I think it's a fresh alternative to Isabella. It's growing on me I prefer Izzy or Rory over Dora,
    4. I like Elsa pronounced ELL-zuh. I know in the US people will say ELL-suh. What do you think of spelling it Elza? Does that make it seem made-up and gross? (I've given up on Melisende pronounced mel-ee-ZEN-duh but I sometimes make my husband say it with a German accent and sigh.)
    I pronounce it like "ell-zuh" too so spelling it Elza makes it easier. I don't think it's gross.
    5. What do you think of the nicknames Vera and Via for Veronica? Which do you like better and why?
    I do not like Via, but Vera is lovely! I occasionally visit my relatives in Russia and Veronica is quite popular there. Russians use either Vera or Nika for nickname. Vera is Russian analog for Faith so it has lovely meaning as well as

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    1. Lol @ my-daddy-has-a-beard-and-we-live-in-Austin! I don't consider it "hipster." Matilda has weight and history, like you said, and will never be trendy to me. I think Milla is a really great, unexpected nickname.

    2. I don't see Beatrice in the top 100. I think it will float around the top 300 but never reach the 100 mark.

    3. I think Isadora is a great alternative to the uber-popular Isabella. I don't like Dora, I prefer Izzy. With Isadora I think of the ballet dancer Isadora Duncan. Very graceful.

    4. I think in America people's first try at the pronunciation would be ELL-sa. I think spelling it like Elza would help, but Elsa looks better to me.

    5. I think Vera makes more sense and is much more appealing than Via. With Via, I think via e-mail, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    It keeps growing on me. And I think Matilda Emerald sounds kind of amazing.
    Ooh, I didn't see this before. I like Matilda Emerald very much! And how cool would it be to read Matilda to a little Matilda? You've never read it, you say? Off to the book shop! Or, y'know, amazon... And while you're at it; there's a brilliant picture book by Emily Gravett called "Matilda's Cat". So cute!
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    You guys are so cool. I appreciate all your amazingly honest and thoughtful responses so much. Like, you have no idea.

    I'm gonna keep it real: I think I might be falling in love with Matilda.

    I never liked it because I thought it was too starbaby/hipster and too clunky. But it actually hasn't been used for a lot of celeb babies. Heath & Michelle, yeah, but not many more.

    And the hipsters have moved on to whatever they move on to. I think it's more gently yupster than hipster, and tbh, I just really don't even care. I don't want to be a prisoner of the trends either way.

    As for the clunkiness...

    Ok, I was walking down the Biography aisle in a bookstore last week and I put my hand on a book with something like Queen of the Conqueror written on the spine. I picked it up for no particular reason and the subtitle on the front said something like The Life of Matilda, Wife of William I. Something like that, I don't remember exactly.

    I read the inner flap synopsis and the first few pages. And I thought, hmmm. Because her story was already fascinating. And then I came home and starting reading a little about other Matildas of history. There have been many. And their stories are huge and important and glorious. There is even a Saint Matilda!

    Then I started thinking about the meaning. Matilda comes from Old German words math and hildr, meaning "strength" and "battle."

    Can I get a hell yeah?

    And it just grew on me. The history and the meaning combined to make this strong, regal name, which today comes across as sort of quirky-feminine and a bit nerdy. Like a pretty girl in glasses wearing a whimsical hat and reading a book by a fountain.

    And the clunkiness is a beautiful clunkiness, like an oversized ring with a big, clunky jewel (an emerald, perhaps?) on the hand of a queen. It's an opulent Teutonic clunkiness, like a harsh, stone castle tower festooned with jewel-colored velvet.

    It also meets the Ma- criteria. I was hoping to find a name with an Mar- beginning, since I have a dad Mark, a mom Marla (and it's my own first name, tho I don't go by it), a grandma Marge, a MIL Margaret, and a great-grandma Mary Ann. I thought it would be great to find a Mar- name, but I just don't like Mar- names. So I thought, well, a Ma- name would be the next best thing. But I didn't find one of those either. Until now!

    Aaaaaand - my husband ACTUALLY. LIKES IT. !!! I mean, LIKES IT.

    It goes great with Emerald. It goes with our last name. It goes with imaginary future brother Josiah.

    I just feel kind of sold on Matilda.

    Thanks again for all your incredible feedback, berries. You pretty much rule.

    And ottilie - I am going to buy the book. Make no mistake. :-)
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