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    missusaytch Guest

    5 questions maybe you can answer...

    Thanks in advance for your input!

    1. How hipster is Matilda? Seriously? I didn't like it for the longest, and then I read part of a book about William the Conqueror's wife Matilda and now I think it's all historical and powerful and I like the nn Milla and my husband actually digs it. But I'm afraid it's just so my-daddy-has-a-beard-and-we-live-in-Austin. WDYT? Honestly? And do u like Milla as a nn?

    2. Do you see Beatrice getting quite popular? As in top 100 popular?

    3. What do you think of Isadora? What nicknames do you like, besides Dora?

    4. I like Elsa pronounced ELL-zuh. I know in the US people will say ELL-suh. What do you think of spelling it Elza? Does that make it seem made-up and gross? (I've given up on Melisende pronounced mel-ee-ZEN-duh but I sometimes make my husband say it with a German accent and sigh.)

    5. What do you think of the nicknames Vera and Via for Veronica? Which do you like better and why?


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    1. I don't think it's hipster at all! It's very popular in England it seems, and I think that shows it has a fair amount of class! I like Milla as a nickname for it, I much prefer that to Tilly or Millie.

    2. I'm not sure on this one, I do know a few Beatrice's, they're all around my age (14-18), but I think perhaps Beatrice Miller off of X Factor USA might cause it to spike in popularity.

    3. I like it :-) I don't like Dora at all though, Isadora could become Isa or Sadie though

    4. I'm not crazy about Elza, I think Elsa is fine as it is, and I'm Canadian, but live near the NY border, and on first instinct, I said Ell-zuh, so depends on what state you're from really.

    5. I like Via better, my mum and I watch a soap opera from England together called Coronation Street, and one character, who I really, truly loathed, was named Vera (she's since been killed off, I danced around the room....yeah). It reminds me of her, and she was a cranky, rude old lady. Via on the other hand is cute! I have a friend who's middle name is Veronica, she's considered going by that rather than Elizabeth (her first name) and she's considered Nicki as well

    Hope this helped!
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    Matilda makes me think of the book and the movie and I absolutely adore both. I also have a strange fascination with Danny DeVito but that's a story for another time. I don't think it's hipster and Milla is adorable.

    If Beatrice goes from 707 to top 100 she would be the awesomeest name ever. Higher than the 700s? Yes. Top 100 I don't think so.

    I like Isadora in theory but she was a particularly evil villain in a telenovela I was watching so the name is ruined for me. For other people though, quite lovely alternative to the mega popular Isabelle. I would nn an Isadora, Issa, Issi, Sora...

    I don't mind Elza. Know a little old lady and a 6yo Elza. With the Z. The little one goes by Ezzie. Swoon.

    Vera and Via are darling for Veronica. I like Vera only because a "via" is like a lane or street in Spanish.
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    renrose Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by haleyalannahxo View Post
    my mum and I watch a soap opera from England together called Coronation Street.
    Wow! Did not know they showed Corrie in Canada!

    1. Matilda is climbing the ranks I think so it technically can't be 'hipster' any more. It's no longer 'so obscure/uncool that it's cool' (like say... Vladimir) it's too 'mainstream'. I like Matty as a nickname, not a fan of Milla.

    2. Beatrice is about as popular as Matilda I think.

    3. I like Isadora. I'd go for Sadie or Dory.

    4. I prefer soft 's' Elsa.

    5. I prefer Vero for Veronica or Ronny.

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    missusaytch Guest
    haleyalannahxo - Thanks for yr answers, and I never thought of Sadie for Isadora but I think it could work. :-)

    dindlee - I kinda like Sora for Isadora, too, and I hadn't thought of that either. I also think Ezzie for Elza is very cute. Thanks!

    renrose - For some reason Ronny is very unappealing to me. I can't put my finger on why, tho. Thanks for yr answers! I will have to mull over Vero. I feel like it might be kind of awkward to say but it may be my imagination. I might need to say it out loud a few times. :-) Also - I see Aira in your signature. I looked it up but there's no info on Nameberry. Will you tell me more? I love vowel names for girls.

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