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    1. I don't think Matilda is hipster at all. I have a very dear friend who's daughter is called Matilda, and they're not hipsters. But this might be different in England and America. I do like Milla as a nickname, although I think Mattie is even cuter.

    2. I don't know where it's ranked over the pond, but here it's almost in the top 100.

    3. I like Isadora, it's pretty. Sadie would be an adorable nickname! And Iz/Izzy is cute as well. Dora not so much.

    4. I prefer Elsa (so lovely), but Elza is fine. Not gross at all

    5. Vera is fine, Via is weird. My favourite is Nica though, beautiful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    It keeps growing on me. And I think Matilda Emerald sounds kind of amazing.
    Matilda Emerald! Stunning! (please vote!)

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    1. Here in Europe it's not hipster at all, but that depends so much on your area. Although to be honest even if it were hipster I would go ahead with it anyway. You like it, you know why you chose it, and by the time the child is an adult people will probably have forgotten about all of that. And Milla is a cute nickname, although I don't really like it visually (which doesn't matter so much for a nickname), it sounds lovely. There is Millie too, and I like Tilda (the awesome otherworldy Tilda Swinton anyone).

    2. I don't see Beatrice getting very popular (as in top 100 popular), no. I think it's one of those names only name nerds will appreciate. She will probably rise, just not to the top 100. But maybe I'm biased because I really dislike that name XD

    3. Isadora is ok, but I do prefer Isabelle. Nicknames besides Dora would be Izzy, and where I live, Isa (pronounced eezuh).

    4. I much prefer the spelling Elsa but I would understand your using Elza, it wouldn't shock me. It doesn't seem too made up to me. After all there is Elisa and Eliza... *makes sense to me*

    5. I prefer Vera, Via sounds weird to me for some reason. This might just be me, but I also really like the simple nickname V. People also use Ronnie but I'm not such a fan.

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    1. I think it sounds clunky and old fashioned in a bad way like Millicent or Maude, i don't know why it's so popular!

    2. not really

    3. I like it but i don't like any of the possible nicknames. But not every name need's a nickname!

    4. ELL-suh is better. People in the uk say it like this too.

    5. No, the first is a full name in it's own right and i don't see how you get get via from veronica.
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    1. I don't think it's too hipster, I think it is becoming "too popular" to be a hipster name. Milla is a cute nn.

    2. No I don't think Beatrice will reach the top 100, I think it is a bit too old fashioned for many people to break in.

    3. I like Isadora, other nicknames maybe Ida or Isa.

    4. I like Elsa, not as big of a fan of Elza.. it looks like Eliza is missing a letter.

    5. I love Vera for Veronica, Vera is a favorite of mine.


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