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    What a great list, I particularly admire your names for girls. I agree with the others, please have lots of children eventually and use all of those beautiful names.
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    I get a lot of negative reactions to my list and I'm 28. 14 is a good age to learn that standing out from the crowd is actually awesome and what other people think really doesnt matter. I love your list!
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    I'm 18 almost 19 and even though my list has some fairly common names most my friends/family don't like them. There's nothing wrong with any of your names. I think you actually have better taste than my 17 year old sister in girls names (she's traditional with boys, you can't call traditional names bad. Lol.)
    At 14 my favorite name was Gabriel (which saddens me because it is forever off the table), Gideon, Samantha and Sarai.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cristinamariane View Post
    [COLOR=#333333] "This sounds kind of mean, but I hope you never have a kid if you're going to name them something like that."
    I will change this to "This sounds kind of awesome, but I hope you have four girls so you can name them Felicity, Saskia, Cordelia and Isadora." Because those names are awesome and you have friends who are not as mature as you and will likely be jealous of your future children's names.
    Yes, this! People can be mean. By the way, I met a little Saskia yesterday and she was just precious. Wore her name really well!
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    Hahah, I wouldn't worry about it. At 14, most people are still in an "I like the names of my friends and the boys I have a crush on" phase, and you're all likely to have a change in name taste by the time you have kids. Your names are very 'now' (for name nerds, and fashion-forward for everyone else) and in 10 years or so, I'd bet a few of your friends will have come around to most of these names... and you may have already moved on with the naming community

    I'll say that I've only said to one person that I love the name Eulalia. I'm 26, and 98% of people I know have a very limited interest in names and an even smaller pool of acceptable names (most like pretty common, trendy names). I gave a presentation in my education psychology class today and had used the name Eulalia in this story I had written. When I said 'Eulalia' in front of the class, I heard a collective little gasp and a ring of "Oh wow! That's pretty! So neat!" which really surprised me. Sometimes it just takes a little exposure in the right setting for people to come around to a name. I know I didn't like Eulalia until I was in Barcelona for her Saint Day.

    I love the names on your list! I think you've got solid taste. Felicity, Isadora, and Cordelia have all topped my list at various points, too!
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