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Thread: Samuel or Lev?

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    I love Lev, Samuel has never been my thing.

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    Well, I will be the voice of dissent here. I like Lev better. I adore Sam, but have never cared for Samuel. I'm not sure why except I find it a bit hard to say. I also really like Levi.

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    I like Lev a lot. It sounds like an intellectual's name yet adorable for a little boy.

    Samuel is okay. I'm not too fond of it because it's my dad's name. So it's a little tired for me.

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    I think Samuel is very common and I tend to go for more adventurous names. I think that Samuel is a classic though. It has different nn. options and is hardly teased.

    Lev is abrupt and short. There aren't many options for nn. Also kind of reminds me of Lever, Level, levitate, etc.

    What about:

    Levant (Latin: rising)
    Leverett (French: hare)
    Leverton (English: from the rush town)
    Levi (Hebrew: joined, attached)

    I also think of Leif (Scandinavian: heir, descendent), Loeb (German: lion), Loewy (German nickname for a brave person).


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    FI have to say that both names are beautiful! It has to be a hard decision but I think Lev is just "modern" enough (odd to say that since it is not a new name) to be hip and edgy, so I vote for Lev.

    I also like the suggestion of Levi, but that is because I am a doting Bubbe and the most wonderful grandson in the world is named Levi Michael!

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