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    I've found out the reason why my husband likes Sebastian so much...

    ... because of the Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel. And it turns out, Nico's nickname came in part from two other drivers who have the first name Nico. He admitted that to me last night. I did wonder how he managed to come up with something creative, and it seems it was from sitting in front of the television so much.

    I've looked up a list of the current drivers after that revelation - I don't see myself using any of these really but it's good to pre-empt what he might come out with when we move onto settling a brother name.

    Kimi - I think this would be cute as a nickname but I think it's too girly to use in real life
    Lewis - maybe as a middle
    Adrian - I do quite like this one
    Jean-Eric - Eric's too close to Dominic in the ending to even consider it
    Daniel - maybe as a middle
    Charles - maybe as a middle
    Max - maybe a longer version that could nickname down

    Has anyone else's other half come up with names or nicknames from sport, or is mine alone in this? I think I'm now going to have to investigate where all his other suggestions come from after this.

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    My husband also likes Formula One racing. We do like the name Jenson. Also, there are famous drivers from yesteryear such as Ayrton senna, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Nelson Piquet.

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    My husband likes to get them from his favorite tv shows. I think Sebastian and Nico are perfect together. I also like Felipe, Sergio, Charles, and Max. I wouldn't personally use Felipe or Sergio, but I like them.

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    I adore Sebastian (。・ω・。)ノ♡! I also like Max, Fernando, and Adrian.
    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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    No story of my own to add but, I think you should also add F1 grand prix winners names such as those below to the list he might come up with.
    Michael (Schumacher)
    Mario (Andretti)
    Mika (Hakkinen)
    Stirling (Moss)
    Emerson (Fitipali)
    Jochen (Mass)
    Wolfgang (von Tripps)
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