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    Smile So many girl names.

    I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and I absolutely love names. We don't plan to find out the gender, which we think is part of the fun. We still like the little boy name we chose for our first pregnancy, Frederick or Frederich, since we ended up having a little girl, Nefretiri Jeanne.

    Now there is the task of choosing a girl name for this baby. We have a few names we would like to work in there as middle names, such as Ann, Vickytoria (DH's idea, his mom's name is Vicky Ann), Anna-Louise.

    I like strange, old-fashioned names best. I do not want my child to be one of three or four with the same name in a room. I like German names, names from literature, and names that you can nickname.

    What does everyone think?

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