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    Opinions on Trilingual Warrior Addition (for fun - be brutally honest)

    So as many of you know my criteria is "must sound good in German, English and Spanish". We are not TTC or pregnant but any future children would be raised tri-lingual and hopefully tri-cultural (though mostly German/American).

    You can find my current top ten in my signature.
    I'm looking for a boys name to fill that last spot. I've been culling ideas in previous threads and now I'd love to hear some opinions and nn suggestions. Be as brutally honest as you like I'd love to hear what you really think. Please consider how it fits in with the others.
    Also if you have a particular thought on my top ten you want to share, please have at it. I'd love to know if you think something doesn't fit or make sense.

    Leofric (I love this but is the -ric ending too close to Alaric?)
    Ludovic (Am I drawn to it because it's a mix between Ludwig and Victor?)
    Ulric (Too similar to Alaric?)
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    My favourites are Hugo, Oscar, Leopold (Leo), Benedict (Ben) or Lucas. They seem very international and I think they fit in well with your other names- especially with Anton, Felix, Julian, Tristan and Victor. I also like Ludovic nn Ludo, but it is very similar to Ludwig. I'm not keen on the others for a variety of reasons- some seem to cumbersome, some may get misspelt in English, some don't gel too well with your top names.

    It's really hard to pick just one! I think my overall vote goes to Oscar. It's a lovely, simple classic with a magic feel to him

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    My favorites from your list are Oscar, Lucas (my own top pick for a boy!) and Hugo.

    I have a similar issue as you as my names must sound good in English and Spanish. Some of your boys names would be a but difficult to say in Spanish (Ludwig... It doesn't sound as nice as I'm sure in sounds in German). Other names from your list, like Tiberius for example, well, the Spanish speaker in me wants to say Tibério. Leopold has the same issue. I just want to add that "o" at the end.

    That said, if the German/American sides will be more prominent, it's not a big deal. In my own case, my MIL doesn't speak English very well and most of both of our extended families default to Spanish pronunciations, which is why my names must be pronounceable in Spanish.

    You have some very handsome names on your list. Spanish issues aside, I really love Felix, Tristan, Artur, Niklaus and Alaric.
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    I love your names.

    Oscar - I think this is a bit boring next to the others, and oh so serious. Next please!
    Leopold - Fits right in, but also stands out. It's dashingly romantic and fun, and that's the overall feel I get from your list.
    Leonard - It's a good name, but it loses out to above.
    Hugo - I love me some Hugo. A good short name with lots of personality and charm.
    Tiberius - So beautiful. A name I want to hide in, if that makes sense. Strong, silent, dignified and knightly. And, oh, so sexy! The only drawback is that it lack the fun and playfulness the rest of your names have got.
    Cornelius - I like Cornelius, a lot actually, but not enough to make the list.
    Benedict - Swoon! Romantic:check! Fun: check! And it's kind of Robin Hood-esque... in my head anyway
    Artur - I like Artur so much, and it is perfect on your list. It is not one of my favourites though. Is it because of the lacking h maybe?
    Lucius - I love Lucius, it's so fun and light and all that is good in the world. Jason Isaacs portraying the dashing mr Malfoy in the HP movies does not hurt...
    Lucio - I prefer Lucius.
    Lucas - The same as Oscar, really.
    Carsten - Hehe, Carsten. I don't mind it, but I don't love if for you.
    Titus - I know I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks this, but this screams chav to me. Leeds bred football player.
    Theodor - Good name, but boring compared to your other stunners.
    Niklaus - I think of Father Christmas.
    Leofric - This is so amazing I kind of giggle when I hear it. It's so much fun! I think it is brilliant!
    Ludovic - I like this, Ludo nickname would be cute. But I prefer Ludwig, which is fabulous.
    Ulric - My love for Ulric will never waver, and I'm thrilled to see it on someone elses list as well. Fantastically dashing and brave name.

    So to sum up:
    Ulric - but I think it's too close to Alaric (I'd swap them, but that's me )

    To be completely honest, I'd make one or two changes on your current top nine: I'd get rid of Emmett, and possibly Victor. Then you could not only make room for Tiberius, one Leo name and Benedict or Lucius.

    That was jolly good fun!
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    Ludovic vs Ulric (woah, you really like 'ic' names! ) - I'm somewhat warming up to Ulric, but I prefer Alaric and Erich. Wait, what about Emmerich--a combination of Emmett and 'ric'!!

    Leopold vs Leofric vs Leonard - I'd scratch Leonard. It's a solid name, but it doesn't compare to Leopold or Leofric, both of which are fantastic.

    Oscar vs Hugo - I ADORE Hugo! It's short, but charming and the meaning is fantastic. Can't go wrong.

    Tiberius vs Cornelius - I don't like either, tbh. Tiberius reminds me of a dog and I don't like the 'corn' in Cornelius.

    Benedict vs Artur vs Theodor - I've fallen for Arthur so Artur had to be bolded. Benedict is super charming as well. Theodor pales in comparison to some of your other names.

    Lucius vs Lucio vs Lucas - Lucius is just great. Lucio is nice, but not as great. And imo Lucas is kind of boring.

    Carsten vs Titus vs Niklaus - I love how Niklaus rolls off of the tongue. I think of Niklaus Mikaelson of The Vampire Diaries, but that's because I'm a fan. Most will probably think of Father Christmas. I dislike Titus and Carsten.
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