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    I really like Oscar and Hugo- but I'm in love with Ludovic. I don't know if I would ever use it, but I think it's pretty badass. And Ludo is awesome.
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    I think your list is fantastic. I can't comment much on the feeling of the name in German or Spanish, since I speak neither, but my general comments on my feeling of these names are:

    Oscar: I really like this name a lot. It feels down to earth and friendly, intelligent and modern with a hint of an antique feel to it. I'm not the biggest fan of the Oscar the Grouch association, but otherwise this is a great name.

    Leopold: Leopold, Leonidas and Lionel are my favorite lion/leo related names (Lionel is my overall favorite of the bunch, followed by Leonidas). And even though I like the other two better than Leopold, I still really like Leopold a lot. It's got a very noble feel to it, as well as the solid NN of Leo.

    Leonard: It's okay, just not as wonderful as some of the other Leo related names.

    Hugo: This is a name that has grown on my a lot over the past few months. I used to be quite mediocre about it, now I think it's a wonderful name. Feels classic and modern at the same time.

    Tiberius: I like a lot of these ancient '' names, but to me Tiberius just sounds too 'heavy'.

    Cornelius: I quite like this name, though the fact the beginning of it sounds like 'corny' is not something I like a lot. It's one of those names I appreciate, but just couldn't ever bring it around to me own list of possibilities.

    Benedict: Not a fan of this one. I don't like most of the Ben names (partially because of my connection to the Chinese language, where 'ben' means 'stupid'), and of them this is one of my lesser favorites. 'Ben, a dict'

    Arthur: I like it a lot. I often put it in the same mental category as Oscar, feels modern and antique at the same time. Solid option.

    Lucius: Is one of my favorite names ever. If it didn't sound very similar to a family members name, this would be high high on my own list. Great great name.

    Lucio: This is solid too, though I like Lucius quite a bit more.

    Lucas: Is also a really nice name, but Lucius stands out to me as more uncommon/meaningful/interesting.

    Carsten: I've never heard this name before, but my first impression is pretty negative. It feels like a modified version of Carson, which I also don't like.

    Titus: Again, similar to Tiberius, feels heavier than a lot of other old Latin names (my favorites being Amias and Caius). Plus the first three letters being what they are is not particularly cool for a name.

    Theodore: Can't go wrong with it. It's timeless/classic and solid.

    Niklaus: Mediocre. No strong feelings either way.

    Leofric: I prefer Alaric and some of the other Leo related names. It's okay though.

    Ludovic: Not bad, but feels a bit harsh to my ear.

    Ulric: Again, like Ulric better. It feels a bit medieval and slightly fantasy-novel-esque. It's not terrible though.

    My favorite is definitely Lucius, with Hugo and Leopold coming up next.
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    Oscar- I have always loved Oscar! And has a great reference to Oscar Wilde.
    Leopold - Love this name also; brings the awesome nickname Leo!
    Leonard - I don't like someone who has a stuffy nose and cannot speak properly (don't know where that came from).
    Hugo - LOVE. That's all I need to say...
    Tiberius - hmmm. well maybe it's because I've studied classics but Tiberius brings forth bad and good connotations-- Tiberius Gracchus seemed to have good intentions but was assassinated and greatly insulted when his body was thrown into the river... So it's a no.
    Cornelius - sounds too...snobby... Is that the word I'm looking for?
    Benedict - Reminds me of
    Artur - Arthur is better.
    Lucius - have always been a fan of Lucia... so I like Lucius for a male - cool!
    Lucio - not a fan
    Lucas - plain compared to the rest...
    Carsten - doesn't stand out to me.
    Titus - NO. I thought it was a nice name until I heard someone make fun of a boy named Titus by calling him "tight ass!!!!"
    Theodor - where is the 'e'? Much prefer it with the 'e'
    Niklaus - I do not like it, nor do I like Nicolaus.
    Leofric - hmmm. Never heard this name but I kind of like this...nice...
    Ludovic - sounds very...Dracula... but I don't mind this name.
    Ulric - Ulric's okay.
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    I hear what you are saying on Leonard vs Leonardo but the later is too DiCaprio for me. (Confession: I was obsessed as a teen and still have pristinely kept binders with all the news articles on him I could find at the time - this kind of kills the whole name as a stand alone for me.) You see to be one of the few how likes Titus which is awesome!

    fluzie & roseymaam
    yeah Ludovic is a little fighter isn't he? My only problem with the name is it's similarity to my long time favorite Ludwig (as stated above somewhere) I adore Beethoven and I just don't have that connection to Ludovic. (Maybe it will end up as a Ludwig/Ludovic line item but that just feels like the easy way out).

    Hahahaha - my only issue with Oscar is the Grouch. It doesn't help that we own OtG trashcans and my SO keeps reminding me that they are Oscar Trash Cans. And, that's good to know about Ben - interesting how in different languages it can be perceived so very differently.

    Oh the theatre nerd in my loves the Oscar Wilde reference I mean with Importance and Salome how can one not? Sadly adding an -e to Theodore make it sound like a girls name in German but it doesn't change the pronunciation in English or Spanish but I do hear what you are saying it looks a little cut short. (PS: I love that you have all the variations of Ophelia listed in your signature, it's sort of how I feel about them too.)

    With everyones help I think I've narrowed it down to these front runners. More thoughts are always welcome. What do you think fits best with my others? (see signature?)
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    I was just talking with German friends whose top names are Mina (girl) and Nikolai (boy).

    My top names:
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