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    charlieandperry - thanks for your input. Yeah I was considering Oscar and Hugo as the "easier" to deal with names on the list that work internationally.

    dindlee - The Spanish pronunciation is good to know. I personally don't speak Spanish but my SO does yet he is not really up reading every name I consider out loud. Thanks!!

    Thanks Otter - I love the detailed notes.
    I have been considering taking Emmett off the list but I'm sort of torn, but you picking one of the two names I had been considering is definitely interesting. Victor's got to stay in honor of my SO's mother who passed away last summer and whose name was Victoria (which I loath - no idea why). I also used to think of Niklaus and Nicholas as Father Christmas names but I'm still liking it a lot.

    Teagarden -
    Ah don't add Emmerich to my already existing list of -ic names. I think I'm going to need triplets so I can go with Alaric, Ulric and Leofric. . Actually Emmerich might be a nice combo of Emmett and Erich. Must mule this over. Odd that Niklaus makes you think VD but Alaric doesn't.
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    Alaric - Anton - Emmett - Erich - Felix - Julian - Ludwig - Tristan - Victor - ???

    Oscar - I like it and it definitely fits with your others, but it has less flair than many
    Leopold/Leonard - I prefer Leopold despite its weirdness. It just feels more interesting and less old-man
    Hugo - lovely! very light and yet with a dorky, vintage edge.
    Tiberius - it is interesting, but I think Tobias is a more modern option. Tiberius is just very heavy for me. Though I absolutely adore Darius so who am I to talk?
    Cornelius - I love the history of the name, but the corn part would always throw me off
    Benedict - I really love this one! I love Ben, I love Ned, and I love that it includes edict, lol
    Artur - I really love Arthur, so it's hard for me to like Artur. I'd be more in favor of Arturo. And I think Artur and Anton might be too close
    Lucius/Lucio/Lucas - of the 3 I like Lucas the best, though I like Luka better than all 3.
    Carsten - sorry but I really don't like this one. Feels very boy-band.
    Titus - I really love this name. I know some people put it down because of the "tight ass" connection, but I still love it!
    Theodor - not sure how well this would do in America without the ending e since it's such a common name. I do love Theodore and I thin it fits your list well.
    Niklaus - it's interesting, but I don't personally like it
    Leofric - I love Leo, but I don't like the -fric ending. In my neck of the woods, 'frick' is a kid friendly way of saying f-ck
    Ludovic - Ludo by itself I actually kinda like and Vic I like. Not sure about them together. Feels super foreign.
    Ulric - personally Alric is my favorite, but I like Alaric too. Ulric is so interesting, but I do think it's too close to be considered for siblings.
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    Kala_way: Thanks for your response. I too prefer Theodor with the -e but in both Spanish (I think) and in German it makes the name sound very feminine. And I was also worried about Artur and Anton. I feel like I just have too many A names I like. I also really like August and Augustin nn Auggie but with my SO and my names both starting with A it just feels like it could end up being too much one day. I'd already be worried with giving one kid an A name and the other not. (Luckily my nn doesn't start with an A.)
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    Throwing in my two cents. My favorites from your list are Artur, Lucius, Titus, Theodor and Oscar (although I'm biased).
    Theodor would be my first pick (I love the Russian version Fyodor) followed by Lucius. My least favorites would be Leonard and Benedict. I love the name/nickname Leo (again bias as BIL is Leonardo "Leo") but Leonard seems to fall flat next to Leonardo, the "o" changes it from geeky to wearable to me.

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    My favourite is Ludovic by a long shot!!! I love nn Ludo and its meaning renowned warrior! I also like Louis it's German/French version! I have considered both for a baby boy!

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