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    Opinions on Rilyn?

    Back to the drawing board. Hubby is now tired of the name Summer . I have been fond of the name Rylan (boy name) but I think it sounds just as femiinine. What do you think of the name. I do not normally like to mess up regular spellings but Rylan is too masculine and hoping I can get the lynn sound instead of lan.

    Maybe spelling it


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    thejollyfinch Guest
    It doesn't sound feminine at all to me, regardless of the spelling.

    I'd suggest...

    Rosalin / Roslyn

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    thank you for your opinion

    Rosalin / Roslyn - too close to Rosylynn which is my moms middlename and she dislikes
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    Rhianon - nms
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    I'm sorry but I really don't like it. Probably because it reminds me too much of Ryan (ALL boy to me) and Riley (which I just don't like, regardless of gender).

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    I don't like this, but if you're going to use it, I suggest Rylinn, as it looks the most feminine.

    How about:

    Ryanne (Ry-ANN)
    Rayleigh (Ray-lee)
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