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    Beatrice Blossom

    My husband and I love old English names, our 1st Daughter is Olivia Rose.
    We are now pregnant with our second and have fallen in love with the name 'Beatrice Blossom' and thought it would be cute to call her BB as a nn

    Would love everyone's thoughts

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    It is a bit cutesy, but I like it.

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    I really like it. I'm a fan of alliteration and the classic Beatrice grounds the sweetness of Blossom. I really like Blossom!
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    I actually considered Beatrix Bluebell for our little girl... I think Beatrice Blossom it's adorable and BeBe/BB as a nn is just is too cute!! I generally prefer Beatrix to Beatrice but with Olivia I prefer Beatrice. i also like that Blossom compliments Rose nicely whilst also giving the sibset a little spunk and zest!!

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    I absolutely love it! Beatrice Blossom is a wonderful combo, adorable!
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