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    catloverd Guest
    Satchel is a bag and though an uncommon word, many will know it, especially since it's used a hundred times in the Disney movie, Tangled.

    Flynn Rider: Oh... oh no... where is my satchel?
    Rapunzel: I've hidden it. Somewhere you'll never find it.

    Flynn Rider: Let me just get this straight, I take you to see the lanterns, bring you back home, and you'll give me back my satchel?

    Flynn Rider: I get back my satchel and you get back a mother-daughter relationship based on mutual trust, and violĂ , we part ways as unlikely friends.
    Rapunzel: No. I am seeing those lanterns.
    Flynn Rider: Oh, come on! What is it going to take for me to get my satchel back?

    Thus I say no, maybe as a middle, but even then you're naming your child bag or man purse basically.... I feel like that's not a very nice meaning to have for a name. It's not like Rose or Violet where they are beautiful flowers...

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    I'm sorry, I don't think Satchel should be used as a name. It is the name of a mundane, every day object.

    Something like Chapel or Haven, while controversial, at least has a symbolic meaning. Even the name of a flower, a fruit, or a spice, like Berry or Saffron, has associations to beauty, life-giving food, happiness. It brings to mind positive, thought provoking associations, or an image of beauty and enjoyment. it carries a specific intention from the person who named them. You can tell that person thought about it before naming their child. It brings something positive to the way we view the child and later the adult that wears the name. Whereas Satchel ? it carries no symbol, no deeper meaning, no beauty. It's like calling your child Fork, Mug, Bowl or Boot or something. It's likening them to an inanimate, boring, uninspiring object. Not something I think a child deserves.

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    I love hearing everyone's opinions! Thank you so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nat108 View Post
    It's an awesome name.

    Satchel is not a term used much in the US. I mean really, when was the last time you heard someone say "satchel" in day-to-day conversation? People just say bag. I'm guessing the people who are thinking it's a unusable are either not American, know nothing about baseball, or know nothing about Black history. I'd wager that the average American would instantly think of Satchel Paige, not a purse.

    It doesn't say anything about Satchel. He dropped the name not because he had a problem with Satchel but because he had a problem with the person who chose it. Whether his dad had named him John or Amadeus or Beverley, he would have dropped it because he wanted nothing to do with Woody.

    I'm American and I have no idea who Satchel Paige is. Even though i don't use the word often, my mind went immediately to a bag and "satchel a**"
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    I agree with you, you can name your kid after anything you want. I personally don't like Satchel, it isn't my style, (object names in general aren't my style). The sound itself is alright and fun to say, but I just couldn't get past it being a bag.

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